Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ashtapathy Series - 2


Samodha Damodhara (Blissful Krishna) Poster colors on kansen sheet.

This painting is based on the 3rd Ashtapathy which describes the spring season and Krishna playing with the gopis. The poem chosen for this painting starts with 'Lalitha Lavanga'. The descriptions
are followed from this poem which translates in english thus :

Radha is beautiful and delicate like vasanti flower in Spring season. She was pining in love for her beloved Krishna. 
She was hit by Cupid and was roaming in Brundavana in search of Krishna. Her confidante comforted her with these words.
Oh dear friend Radha, cool breeze of spring season from clove bushes is gently blowing. Cuckoos are cooing sweetly. 
Bowers and cottages are echoing with humming sound of bees.Sri Krishna is strolling and dancing with Gopikas delightfully. 
Come on, let's go there..
Young maids are suffering  because of their intense desire and passion for Krishna.The ambiance is surcharged with fragrance of Vakula flowers and humming bees.
Perfume of musk is pervading around 'Tamala' and 'Kinsuka' trees. Fresh and fragrant flowers are intoxicating. 
Redness of Kinsuka flowers resembles Manmadha's nails which turned red because he pierced the hearts of lovers with his nails.
Fully blossomed 'Kesara' flowers are shining like golden umbrella of Manmadha the king of love. 
Swarm of black bees and bunches of flowers are like quiver and arrows of Manmadha. 
It appeared as though Manmadha was at war with Gopikas in love.
Young women are showing their love for Krishna. White flowers of 'Karuna' tree appear to be laughing at them. 
Sharp blades of 'Ketaka' flowers are like Manmadha's weapons shearing hearts of maids in love.
Fragrance of 'Madhavika', 'Malati and jasmine flowers intoxicates even the minds of hermits. 

Style of painting :  

Miniatures: The style followed in this painting is the miniature style. This developed in the northern India with a lot of mughal and persian influence.

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