Friday, June 19, 2009

Ceramic Sculptures III

The sculptures have come out of the klin unbroken :) . Taking the piece out of the klin is like waiting for a test result. The heart beats overtime and tension levels shoot up....But the joy on seeing the piece unbroken more than compensates for all the trouble!
These are the pieces out of the klin....

I tried arranging them one behind the other. I think this arrangement looks good.Now I should decide on the colors for glazing. Glazing is always the most tricky part. It decides the final look of the piece. It can spoil the appearance of a good piece and at the same time, make an ugly piece look beautiful. I hope this time the glazing comes out right....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ceramic Sculptures II

The first two sculptures are made and have gone into the oven for baking. We are keeping our fingers crossed for them to emerge unbroken. Breakage is a major problem for any ceramic artist. It is heart breaking to see a piece emerge from the oven broken beyond repair....We have had quite a few such experiences in the past...Hope it doesn't happen this time.

In the meanwhile we have decided on the second sculpture also. We are planning to include some portions made on the wheel. This will give us an opportunity to test our pottery making skills after a long gap... I think pottery making is like cycling or swimming. Once you learn the technique, you will not forget it.
The basic figure sketches look like this:

The center will be wheel-made in the first picture, with flaps on both sides. Pushpa is planning to make the second picture which will be a fish on a wheel and she is planning to give some texures both on the wheel and the fish..
Will come back with more pics in the next post...