Monday, October 26, 2009

Glazing ceramics

We glazed our ceramic pieces last week.. Many times, glazing springs surprises that can be sometimes good or sometimes nasty.. This happens inspite of experimenting with the glazes before applying them to the pieces..These are a few of the pictures of our pieces after glazing....

I was really not satisfied with the glazing of this piece.. I wanted a more earthly color but the glazing tricked me..
This piece looks great after glazing. The combination of basic colors of red white and black gives the piece a nice finish..
Here also the glazing has been successful and the colors are vibrant and beautiful..

The glazing of the individual pieces were not really satisfactory..But the piece looks good when mounted on a stand

Friday, October 9, 2009


Another area in which we are competing in the november exhibition is sculpture.. We have started on two sculptures..The basic shape in clay is finished and we are planning to make a mould and then cast it in polyester fibre resin.. I am posting some pics of the two sculptures.

This sculpture is made by me and is a depiction of motherhood.. Pushpa has depicted an elephant in her sculpture..