Saturday, March 12, 2011

Broken (Theme #52, Picture # 12)

Hi everyone,

Changed the look of my blog.. created the header on photoshop and the background from blogger designs..hope it looks nice..

Got some dripping brushes from deviant art.. couldn't resist using them in my composition of a broken egg...It is so easy dripping paints in photoshop than try to do it for real in a canvas but the final effect on a canvas will always be far superior to the result I have got here...

Credits : Broken egg : Google images
Brushes :
Grunge background from deviant art.


  1. This is really wonderful Raji...but before I read your post I thought is was the earth split in half either way it is a very cool image.

  2. Very cool effect! :)

  3. Lovely interpretation of "broken". Great paint dripping effect!

  4. This is great- such gorgeous colors and a very original idea.

  5. I like the colors and design for this!