Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi Art Enthusiasts....

Art fascinates us. We have dabbled in various forms of fine art.
Abstract art has been our tool of expression. We started experimenting with colors in our abstract paintings. The strong influence of the rich Indian culture and our emotions can be felt in our paintings.
Having lived in the Arab world for over a decade, their culture and art influenced us. Arabic Calligraphy has been the most ancient form of expression in art in this part of the world. The enchanting world of alphabets opened a wide arena and we have tried to use it as a form of depiction in our creations.
Ceramic clay has been another media in which we have worked extensively. The movement of the clay on the wheel resulting in enticing forms of pottery has been another of our artistic endeavor.
In this blog we want to take you on a journey in the world of art through our eyes and we hope that this gives you as much pleasure as it gives us.

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