Saturday, June 14, 2008

Starting with abstracts

Mystic Aura by Pushpa

Mystic Ascent by Pushpa

Abstract by Parvathy

Inter Connection by Parvathy.

When we joined the fine art course at the Sharjah Art Institute, abstract/contemporary art was the remotest thing in our mind. We wanted to learn some painting techniques and may be copy some works of old masters or impressionists.

It was Mr.Muntasir Sharief who introduced us to abstract art. Abstract art is a very difficult subject to teach. In the first class he explained the concept of abstract art with a few of his paintings. Me and Pushpa found it interesting. That was the beginning of our tryst with abstract art. He was somehow able to pass on his passion for abstracts to us within the few months he taught us. We lost contact with him after he shifted base to Holland. We miss his guidence even today when we paint abstracts. So Mr.Sharief, (if you ever happen to read this post), this post is for you....

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